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For more details on our Gold, Silver and Bronze packages for Condominium management click here 

At Key Property Management we custom tailor our services to the needs of each Condominium. In each of our Gold, Silver and Bronze packages are a sample of some of the most common requests from Directors

  • Smaller Condominium Corporations do not have the need for monthly meetings. Why pay for all those monthly meeting when there is not a need and the Bronze package is a good fit.
  • Medium size Condominium Corporations that have a slightly more active community more meetings may be required but not on a monthly basis and we developed the Silver package for their needs.
  • Larger sites have monthly activities to review and projects to oversee and are in need of monthly meetings and maybe additional owner meetings for information updates and we developed the Gold package.

In each of our packages the Condominium Corporation pay for services as required, and still have a full service company to rely on to can seek additional services if required and pay for what they use.

Key Property Management brings a unique philosophy to the table and that is choice. Management is engaged by directors to help them serve their community and maintain the common elements. When problems arise or maintenance items need attention the board needs to have choices, from selecting competitive bids on larger contracts and maintenance to how to solve the day to day issues that arise in a community where people live close together. We bring knowledge, experience and choices to the board tempered with understanding that this is your home and community.

Directors are resident unit owners who have been selected by other unit owners to help govern and make discussion on their behalf. At board meetings the 3 to 5 directors need choices. Key property management has the experience and knowledge to help provide those choices.

Director’s responsibilities are to make decisions, give direction and create policies. Management is there to enact the decision, follow lawful directions and enforce the policies.

With dedicated directors and experienced management working together condominium is not rocket science.  With the right formula a well-run financially sound Condominium can be achieved.