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Canadian Condominium Institute (Golden Horseshoe Chapter) is a local non-profit association of people in the condominium industry. Directors of Condominiums, Property Managers, Engineers, Lawyers, Accountants, Landscapers, Realtors and others that believe that education is vital to the Condominium community.

CCI provides educational courses for Directors to help them understand their roles and responsibilities as Directors. They have 3 main courses and each provide a wealth of information to directors and all members.

The Condominium Act was revised after 30 some years in 1998 and in 2001 became new Act. The Ontario Government then did another a total review and in November 2018 created the The Condominium Authority of Ontario (CAO). There have been many changes to encourage education, provide security and disclosure to Condominium owners and a host of other new laws and revisions to some.  In addition the Ontario Government created Condominium Management Regulator Authority of Ontario (CMRAO).  This new agency oversee the licensing, education for Property Managers and management companies.  CCI provides luncheons on specific topics related to condominium and helps to provide understanding of the new ACT. Mr. MacLeod sits on several CCI committees and has been a speaker and moderator at CCI conference’s and luncheons. Please visit CCI web site for more information. Just click on the CCI logo.   

The Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario was formed in 1977 to represent the collective aims of all condominium managers.  ACMO's Mission is to enhance the condominium  management profession in Ontario by advancing  the quality performance of Condominium property managers & management companies.  John MacLeod President of Key Property Managment is a member of ACMO.  More information click the logo.